Building and pest inspections

Found your dream home or investment property but not sure what to do next? Here is the process and order in which you can secure an accepted offer, organise a Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspection and potentially negotiate the cost of property.



Step 1. Now that you have found a property, it’s time to make an offer pending finance and findings made during the Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspection. All liaising during this period will be done through the selling agent.



Step 2. Now that you have had an offer accepted on the property, it’s time to organise the Pre Purchase Building & Pest Inspection. Keep in mind that the selling agent may recommend a company for this step but it is vital to undertake your own diligence and choose a company that will provide a comprehensive and detailed report.



Step 3. Depending on the selling agent and the specific details of the sale, either the agent or yourself will get in touch with the company that is undertaking the Pre Purchase Inspection. If the agent has agreed to organise this for you, make sure to specify the company you have chosen to use. 



Step 4. When contacting the All Clear Group to undertake the Pre Purchase Inspection, we will need a few details off you at the time of the booking:

  • Full name 
  • Contact number 
  • Email Address 
  • Address of Inspection
  • Selling agent name & contact number

Step 5. Now that we have all the required details for the Inspection, your hard work is complete. All Clear will contact the selling agent to organise and confirm a date and time for the Inspection to be booked in. This step requires liaising back and forth with the selling agent to confirm a date and time that suits all parties.



Step 6. Once we have a date and time confirmed with the selling agent for the Inspection, you (the purchaser) will receive a copy of our pre-agreement link via email. This link will take you to our website in which you can review the terms and conditions of the Inspection and sign electronically. The pre-agreement will need to be signed prior to the Inspection.



Step 7.  After the Inspection is complete, you will receive a call from All Clear the following morning to organise payment. Payment must be made prior to the Building & Pest Reports being released. Payment can either be made over the phone via Credit Card, at our office ’49 Dobney Avenue, Wagga Wagga’ or via Direct Debit. Please note that Direct Debit must be made with a screen shot of payment emailed to us prior to the release of the Reports. 



Step 8. Once payment is complete, you will receive a completed copy of the Reports via email the morning after the Inspection is complete. You will have the day to digest the reports, the Inspector will give you a call that afternoon to go over the reports and answer any questions that you may have. 



Step 9. Now that you have a full perspective of the property you are considering to purchase, it is up to you to either move ahead with the sale, negotiate the price of sale, request for defects to be rectified before settlement or withdraw from the sale. Remember that we are always just a phone call away and if any further questions arise from the finding’s in the reports, we are happy to assist! 

Inspection Services

in the Wagga Wagga and the Riverina

Wondering if you should get a Pre-Purchase Inspection when buying a property? A small investment in a Building & Pest Inspection is a no brainer when purchasing a property!

Recently one of our clients made an offer on a property and it was accepted, but the building and pest inspection revealed evidence of current termite damage in a tree stump, and previous termite damage in the garage walls. The building report also noted some evidence of water leaking in one of the bathrooms.


A phone conversation with the building and pest inspector confirmed that the issues weren’t too much of a concern, and were in fact quite common of buildings of that age. As a result of the reports, however, the prospective buyer was able to negotiate a full termite treatment plan, removal of the infected tree stump and repairs to the bathroom, including a brand-new sink.


In total, work to the value of $4,000 was carried out on the property, with the bill picked up by the vendor! Can you afford not to have a thorough pre-purchase inspection done?


Some businesses will produce an ‘agent and vendor friendly’ building inspection report to ensure future referrals and business opportunities. At All Clear, we prefer to outline the exact condition of the property and gain referrals from satisfied clients, who currently provide 90% of our business! A building inspector’s primary objective is to provide you, the purchaser, with an independent report detailing the condition of the property prior to the expiration of the contract cooling off period, or prior to bidding at auction, so that you can make an informed decision about whether you want to proceed with the purchase, and how much you are prepared to pay.


All Clear’s reputation for quality and attention to detail has been established on a foundation of thousands of building inspections, accurately undertaken to our precise standards. When purchasing a new home, you need All Clear to undertake a thorough analysis of your property, delivering a report that will leave you with no doubts and with the peace of mind that you have made a well-informed decision on your prospective purchase. Rest assured you that you will be provided with “The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth” at all times. At All Clear Group, our qualified inspectors will deliver each & every time an ethical, unbiassed and independent Building & Pest inspection report.

Building Report

We will provide you with a comprehensive written building report by visually inspecting the conditions of all accessible areas of the property, including interior and exterior. Our building inspector will visually assess the property, noting down what might require maintenance or repair, focusing on anything that may be a major safety concern.

Pest Report

Before you purchase a new home, a pest inspection is essential to identify any pest activity, especially termites! The presence of termites can be extremely difficult to detect in advance and usually their destructive damage is done before the homeowner is even aware of the damage. Do not take the risk & let us give you the All Clear on your dream home!

Hand Over Report

An All Clear hand over report ensures that you rest easy knowing that your home is being built to all Australian and industry standards. A construction report will confirm that Australian standards and industry best practice are being upheld, we will issue a report listing specific items to be rectified with your builder.

When you require the All Clear, call the experts today on 02 6925 5225