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Let us Handle Your Building and Pest Inspection in Wagga Wagga

Our building and pest inspection in Wagga Wagga is an ideal small investment when buying or building a property. You will receive a detailed report that will describe the condition of the entire property.


Services We Offer

At All Clear Group, we offer various inspections to ensure your property or building purchase runs smoothly.

  • We offer a building report of a complete building inspection. During the assessment, we consider the conditions of the building’s exterior and its surroundings, the roof, the floor space, and the interior of the building. We fully comply with the Australia Standard AS 4349.1.2007.
  • A handover report is the report you would require before moving into your newly built property. This report will ensure you know about all minor details and things that require your attention. We understand that even the best builders can miss a few things, so having a second opinion would be ideal. We create the report according to the Australian building standards and all industry and safety standards. Our technicians have extensive knowledge and pay attention to detail when it comes to identifying and recording all issues.
  • Pest reports are perfect before purchasing a property. The report includes a full termite inspection along with any evidence of previous treatment that we find. We provide proof of timber bores, wood rot or fungi damage. We inspect the entire property externally and internally.


Tips For Planning Your Inspection

Before investing in your dream property, a pre-purchase building and pest inspection report might shed some light upon conditions that need any improvement or even help you negotiate the overall price.

  • A pre-purchase building and pest inspection usually comes after your offer on a property has gone through. You have the opportunity to choose a company to perform an inspection for you, or your agent will then contact us to make a booking at a time that suits you.
  • Upon confirmation of the booking, All Clear Group will send through a link with our pre-agreement and terms and conditions for you to sign electronically. The morning after the inspection, you will receive a call from us to discuss your payment.
  • You will receive a full report via email, and an inspector will contact you to go over your report and all additional queries you might have.

Once you have all the necessary information, you can go ahead with your decision to purchase or negotiate your pricing, depending on the outcome of the reports.


About All Clear Group

Our main objective is to provide you with comprehensive reports regarding the property you are considering. We detail the condition of the entire property for you to make an informed decision. We have run inspections for over a thousand buildings by analysing everything extensively. Our inspectors have extensive training and the relative qualifications and experience to complete detailed reports.

We are happy to assist with any queries relating to your reports and aim to clear up any doubts.

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About All Clear Group

We are a leading pre-purchase building pest inspections construction company, serving the community of Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas with pride and integrity.

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